Welcome to Favors 2 Treasure

The Story So Far

Favors 2 Treasure is the story of two childhood friends reunited and finding why they had remained friends for decades despite living on distant continents and moving in different circles.

Martha and Yohanna rediscovered their love of design, tradition and celebration. Together they created Favors 2 Treasure to express their vision for a better experience at weddings, events and celebrations.

We started Favors to Treasure with this simple offer to wedding and event hosts: Come and find yourself in our selection of wedding, birthday and event favors. We have challenged ourselves to seek out the most diverse range of affordable gifts available from all over the world. Where we fail in that challenge then we will design and produce our own range of favors as our clients become more diverse. Each gift has to withstand our three principle tests:
Be Unique
Be Affordable
Be an item that your guests will want to take home and treasure for ever and ever.

with love Martha and Yohanna 


Martha Ardila

I passionately believe in the power of communal celebration. It is a human need that spans all religions, cultures, generations and creeds.

Yes, there I said it: partying is good for the soul. We go to events, we organize events and something changes, sometimes profoundly and other times imperceptibly. We take that change with us back into our daily lives even though the memory of the event may fade over time. I have organized umpteen events during my career as a Diplomat for my native Colombia and attended countless more. Wherever possible I always collected favors and gifts from these events and still have them. I’m not a hoarder, despite what my husband says, I just love to see them around the house. Each one reminds me of the event and who organized it and wonder if I should get in touch for a catch up.

My personal collection is full of color, of different shapes and sizes, the chocolates eaten long ago but the containers remain. Although the gifts are very diverse, it struck me that the hosts were equally diverse. The friends, colleagues and family that had carefully selected these gifts all wanted to say something about themselves and send their guests home with a small reminder of their event but also of their character. This seems true as much for the lavish national celebration as the intimate wedding.
Flip that thinking on its head and it becomes clear how important the choice of event favor or gift is to the host. The host is selecting a representation of themselves. It becomes even more important as the guest will be taking it home with them, and in my case, keeping it for a very long time. When organizing my own events I have always invested a great deal of time finding the ‘right’ favor for my guests. I now realize there is a common theme, always bright, colorful and delicate but somehow matching the tone of the event. I now see myself in all of my gift choices.


Yohanna Ramirez

I am so grateful to all the friends and family who have encouraged and helped me to establish myself in my business life and my family life. Sometimes it is hard to find the appropriate gift that really expresses my appreciation. Setting up Favors 2 Treasure is a logical extension to that quest and an opportunity to present my findings on a global scale.

Yohanna has an affinity for nature and traditional celebrations in the open air which have left a lasting impression on her. These experiences have informed her appreciation of gifts used for these celebrations. The search for reminders for these events to celebrate turn into an adventure and excitement when finding objects that represent the character and unique personality of the event. In Favors2Treasure we hope that our customers will find that personal stamp to make their gifts a unique and lasting impression.

I accompany you with my drum to celebrate life in each event, each vibration of my drum connects your celebration with the vibrant center of the earth, raising prayers to heaven for the success of the festivities.

Always the entrepreneur, Yohanna has co-founded Favors 2 Treasure, her first venture into the field of online sales. This was inspired by an association with hard working Colombian craftswomen who use their talented hands and creative skills to produce exquisite treasures in order to generate income for their own families. Yohanna seeks to empower all women to continue the development of their ancestry and share their knowledge of their world.