Wedding favors 2020


party favors 2020

Favors 2 Treasure wishes a new decade filled with health; peace and reasons to commemorate and gather to share our joy. Our party planners focus today on what is truly important for our communities and families, creating memories through meaningful events.

Event Favors for 2020

The celebration of an important occasion, provides happiness and it is also a tradition that unites us. It is a way to write new pages in the books of our lives.

We create unique party favors. Favors that remind the guests about an important day in someone’s life and that express the gratitude of a host.

To plan and organize an event, requires a lot work, care and taste. The event planner studies with profound care, the meaning of the occasion and transmits to us the sentiment of the host. After all, it is through parties and events celebration that we mark and praise the accomplishments and successes in our lives.

We are here to help your event

We are aware of life challenges and specifically the difficulties of the new decade. Nevertheless, our team intends to remind our followers that celebrations represent the real meaning of life.

When we get together to celebrate, new memories are registered. We look back to the past in an album or a gift in our home. A small but unique favor, recalls a wedding; birthday; anniversary or other stepping stone in our paths.

There are endless reasons to gather socially and to raise up our glasses. The birth of our children; the birthdays of our parents; our weddings, graduations, and many other occasions.

A unique party favor gifted, can represent the moment we wish to freeze. Our party planners provide their customers with that memorable celebration, to continue with a path of optimism and accomplishments. It is charging our energy that we can move forward.

As Favors2Treasure we wish to commemorate with our customers and followers the beginning of a new decade. The physical celebration of especial times with our beloved ones. The small dinner or the fancy party, which memories will be preserved with pictures and a meaningful gift! In the new year, we have plenty of favors to choose from to include in your events.

The engagement parties are marked with colorful palettes, unique pashminas; scarves and handcrafted bags or sachets. Our Valentine’s celebrations come with artisan chocolate gifts and candy dishes.

Calling Corporate Event Organizers!

Corporate events, will be marked with useful gifts, such as luggage tags and business cards holders. Check these out!

Wedding celebration favors during the 2020’s are filled with lace and pastel tones candles; silver dishes; glass jars and many more.

For the Sweet Sixteen and baby showers, our favors are delightful. Delicate handcrafted artisan chocolates; filled glass boxes and votives in all colors.

We have created the perfect party favor for each event. Our team spends a great deal of time selecting gifts from artisans around the world. We promote unique favors with a purpose and favors to treasure forever

Every season, our professionals find and personalize the favors that will match and exceed the expectation of both hosts and guests. We aim to continue enhancing the job of event coordinators everywhere.

Favors 2 Treasure, personalizes and delivers the best favors for all events in the 2020’s. We hope to be present in all the celebrations of the 2020’s. Cheers and happy new decade!

Quinceañera or Sweet Sixteen?

During this season of beautiful celebrations and events, I decided to take the time to write about our young daughters’ celebrations. I have so much to say, because amongst my own life’s precious memories there is my own “Quinceañera”, and yes that was quite long ago! For years I dreamt of my 15th. Birthday celebration. There was the dream dress, which turned out to be a fiasco, wearing high hills and mainly and mostly dancing the waltz with my beloved Father.

I have been part of celebrations for “Quinceañeras”, “Sweet Sixteen” and  “Festa de debutantes” in other cultures, in which a young girl is acknowledged as becoming a woman and the celebrations are to be remembered forever.

So what is the difference between these celebrations?  In the Latin American countries this tradition was born from the precolombian cultures such as mayas and aztecas, in which “puberty rituals” took place, to indicate that a girl was beginning her adulthood life. Fortunately today, “Quinceañeras” are an acknowledgement of the beginning of womanhood, without any of the rituals involved in the old cultures.

As for “Sweet sixteen” For many it is a social event to present their young daughter as a woman to society and to celebrate her adulthood. “Sweet sixteen”  in the States and Canada, is believed to come from the days of the Great Depression. Young people, male and female, of 16, 15, 14, even 13 years of age had to take on chores to contribute feed and house themselves and their families. So the celebration used to come with an acceptance of adulthood and responsibilities. Today, the celebration is to acknowledge the adolescent girl becoming a woman.

But whether the event is organizing a Brasilian “Festa de debutantes”, to introduce one’s daughter to society , or it is a “sweet sixteen” or a “quinceañera” , it is a celebration that will be remembered forever. So, it is important to think about the venue, the palette of colors , the dress, the flowers, the cake, the menu, the music and of course the “favors” to show gratitude and to be treasured by the guests.

This month we want to share the picture of my dear niece’s daughter “quinceañera”. Sofi, enjoyed the most beautiful celebration, prepared with the love of her family. Her celebration was a night that will be remembered for the rest of her life. And yes! Favors2treasure prepared the favors with lots of love and the photographer Juan Kruales captured the memories for her and the guests.

On Protocol and Etiquette

We all use the terms “protocol” and “etiquette”, for the purpose of our events organization we can differentiate the two. The Protocol that an event planner follows refers to the appropriate organization of an event that fits the needs of the customer as he (the customer) wishes to reflect to his guests. Part of the organization includes in this “protocol”, the delivery of an expression of gratitude to the guest. The act of presenting the guests with a favor, is a traditional “etiquette” behavior which follows the norms of protocol. In simple terms, a favor is an essential element of your event organization that expresses gratitude, and it should not be taken lightly as it will serve as the beautiful closure and memory of the event.